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It's hard balancing you, your children, your career/school, your dog, your friends, spouse/significant other(not in that order obviously). Dating each other is mandatory. No matter how long you have been together, taking the time to KEEP getting to know each other even as you both change is necessary. Dating evokes communication, communication evokes trust, trust evokes a bond and a bond is forever. As long as those qualities are being work towards daily, you are on the right track. But never forget, KEEP GOD FIRST! 

We started this thing in hopes to encourage and shine light on our generation on love!! As millennials in love, we are looked at as though we don’t know what real love is or we are quick to rush into things without a plan. This generation gets a bad rep because the divorce is higher in our group. Without guidance, the proper advice, or the "You aren't the only one" moments, we aren't surprised. The foundation of a relationship is friendship and that's how happy marriages and relationships(of any kind) last. When you have true foundation you ALWAYS have somewhere to start even if it's starting from the beginning. What people don’t understand is that God is still the same God today as he was all the yesterdays. God is the foundation. Why? He has shown us all the love & given us all the instructions on how to treat one another. We need to have a pure example & He is that. Life hits us differently but are all in this together. Your advice maybe the advice we or someone else need to make it though. We all have flaws and we are not perfect but why not work through all together. All points of reason & all different views are welcomed. Life is experienced differently for a reason and what we want to impart is based on our different lives.

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